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Yoko Ono has “great respect” for Jón Gnarr, the comedian and former mayor of Reykjavík

By Staff

  • Jón Gnarr, comedian and former mayor of Reykjavík, will receive The Lennon Ono Grant For Peace Award this year. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

The Lennon Ono Grant For Peace Award will be presented on Viðey island, off Reykjavik in Faxaflói bay, this evening (October 9), on John Lennon‘s birthday.
At the same time, Lennon’s widow, the artist Yoko Ono will illuminate the Imagine Peace Tower, which will remain lit until December 8, the date of Lennon's death.

The award has been handed out every two years since 2002 and is awarded to individuals who symbolize the continuing campaign for world peace. This year’s recipients are Jann S. Wenner, co-founder of Rolling Stone Magazine, Jeremy Gilley, founder of the non-profit organization Peace One Day, Doreen Remen and Yvonne Force, founders of the non-profit arts organisation Art Production Fund and Jón Gnarr, comedian and former mayor of Reykjavík.

Ono has described Jón as someone who has shown the world “that governmental politics are for the people and by the people.”
“He was a comedian who became a politician. That demands great courage and many did not take him seriously to begin with. But eventually the whole world did,” Ono said in an interview with Fréttablaðið newspaper today. Adding: “I have great respect for him. Even the way he dresses.”

In 2012 the award was given to musician Lady Gaga, Pussy Riot, Rachel Corrie, John Perkins and Christopher Hitchens.


A great trio Jón Gnarr dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoko Ono and Lady Gaga during the 2012 award ceremony. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson


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