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Yellow Weather Alert for SE, E & N Iceland: Expect gale force winds, snowstorm tomorrow

By Staff

  • Winter has arrived Winter in Iceland is characterized by frequent storms, rather than heavy snowfall. Photo/Ernir

If you are heading for North, East or South East Iceland tomorrow be prepared to battle a snowstorm or gale force winds the Icelandic Meteorological Office warns.

Yellow Alert in effect
The IMO has issued a Yellow Alert for Friday morning to Saturday morning. Drivers are asked to show extra caution as snow in the north is expected to reduce visibility and create slick patches on roads. Powerful gale force winds in the east and south-east, with individual wind gusts which can reach hurricane force can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. RVs and travel trailers can be blown off the road in these kinds of winds. 

IMO Yellow Alert 9.11.17

IMO Yellow Alert The affected areas: Show caution and drive safe! Photo/IMO

Tomorrow (Friday) strong nortwesterly gale force wind in the northern part of East Iceland, 18-25 m/s (40-56 mph) with gusts exceeding 40 m/s (90 mph). Mean wind can exceed 25 m/s ( 56 mph) locally near mountains. The storm is expected to hit at 10 in the morning in the northern part of East Iceland. By one in the afternoon the storm will have spread to the rest of the Eastfjords.The storm is expected to last until nine in the evening in the east.

The storm will travel to the South East, beginning at 17:00, lasting until 2 in Saturday morning. 

The IMO urges care when travelling in the area.

Snow storm in the North
Tomorrow evening a snow storm will hit North Iceland. Beginning at 20:00 (8 pm) the IMO is expecting light to heavy snow along the coast east of the town of Blönduós. Snow depth may be up to 40 cm (15 in.) which can cause hazardous driving conditions. The snowfall is expected to continue until six Saturday morning.

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