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WOW air saw a 30% growth in November: Now almost as big as Icelandair

By Staff

  • Flying high WOW air continues its dramatic growth in November. Photo/Vilhelm

The low budget airline WOW air continued its dramatic growth in November, carrying 224,000 passengers, a 30% increase over November 2016. During the same month Icelandair, which has dominated air travel to and from Iceland for decades, carried 249,000 passengers. The difference between the two airlines is 25,000, or just about 10%.

The local news site Túristi points out that the difference between the two airlines is significantly larger when we look at the number of destinations and flights. In November Icelandair accounted for 44% of all flights at Keflavík Airport, while WOW air accounted for 27.8%. The higher number of Icelandair flights is reflected in a lower ratio of seat-occupancy in November. The average number of passengers in each Icelandair flight was 144, while WOW flights had on average 205 passengers. The occupancy ratio for WOW was 88%, and 78% for Icelandair.

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