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Worst or best camping spot in Reykjavík? Traveller camps on a downtown traffic island

By Staff

  • Best/Worst camped tent A rather unusual camping spot Photo/Sindri Hjartarson, Twitter

"Well, that does it." Local man Sindri Hjartarson posted a photo he snapped of a tent which someone had pitched on a traffic island in front of the concert hall Harpan, right next to one of Reykjavík's busiest streets in downtown Reykjavík.

Worst or best "campsite" in Reykjavík?
The photo has, understandably, generated significant attention and discussion on local social media. Most locals who have commented on the photo have been divided on the question whether the traveller in question had found the worst or the best "campsite" in Reykjavík. Others, however, have expressed doubt as to whether anyone would think of camping like this, wondering whether the whole thing was an elaborate gag.

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It goes without saying that camping within city limits is only permitted at registered campsites. Camping on public land in the city, parks or traffic islands, is strictly forbidden. Camping on private property is of course illegal, without permission from the homeowner, as they can pitch tents in their own yards.



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