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Worst camping spot in Iceland? Airport staff evicts travellers camped behind Keflavík terminal

By Staff

  • Keflavík Airport The airport is located on Miðnesheiði heath, a barren windswept volcanic heath. In addition to the noise of landing and departing aircraft campers can enjoy the wind while also flouting the law.  Photo/Delta

The search for convenient camping sites has led some foreign visitors to pitch their tents in some very unusual spots. Lawns on the Keflavík airport area, behind the main terminal, have become particularly popular, according to the local news site Vísir. A spokesman for the airport told Vísir that airport security has on several occasions been forced to ask these campers to leave. Camping on the airport grounds is illegal.

"It's rather uncommon, but we encounter this every now and then. Perhaps a few times each summer. It's illegal to camp on the airport grounds. We have asked people to leave and find themselves a new place to spend the night, but we haven't fined people so far."

The airport is not the noisy and busy, if somewhat unconventional campsite foreign visitors have found during their stay in Iceland. Earlier this month the staff at Harpa Concert Hall in downtown Reykjavík were met by a traveller who had camped in front of the concert hall, on a traffic island by one of Reykjavík's busiest streets. Other travellers 

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