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World-renowned extreme sports photographer and filmmaker Chris Burkard returns to Iceland

By Adriana Champagne

  • On the beach "Tonight was a wild ride I will never forget." February 26th, 2016 Photo/Instagram @ChrisBurkard)

Ever wondered what it would be like to live and work as a professional adventurer? To seek life’s edge and document it through live action and art? Chris Burkard, California coastal native, has accomplished this in his life. And he wants you to be inspired.

If you haven’t heard of Burkard yet, this is your chance to check him out. A world famous photographer, videographer, and published author, he travels the globe pushing life’s limits by constantly discovering, exposing, and documenting new extreme sport athletes and adventurer daredevils in their truest state of outdoor bliss. Embedded in open-air settings, Chris’s work truly pays homage to the fierce and glorious natural world. Although he explores a multitude of varying biomes, he most often allows water to serve as his main influence- whether it be frozen glaciers, lakes, rivers, or ocean. 


One look at his photos and videos, and you will find yourself reconsidering your day job and yearning to explore more of the uninhabited environments of which he so eloquently displays.

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Despite having grown up along the sunny California Coast, much of Burkard´s work features icy, sometimes desolation-like settings. Therefore it is no coincidence that he is a frequent visitor of Iceland, having fallen in love with it’s ethereal beauty long ago. Now he is back again, and this time with a team of surfers by his side. 


Chris truly embodies the meaning of “taking life by the horns,” and he has the footage to prove it.  No wonder he has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and has won four awards for his work including the Red Bull Illume Spirit Award in 2013. As if all of that isn’t enough accomplishment at the age of 29, Burkard also happens to be a published author of seven books, his first one debuting in 2008.

Last year we posted a glorious video by him filmed in Iceland, whiched showed world class extreme sport athletes doing their thing. 

We hope you are enjoying Iceland, Chris!  Want more information on this guy? Check out his website at


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