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Woody Allen a fan of the Icelandic movie Rams

By Staff

  • Woody Allen and Icelandic sheep Asked to name good movies he has seen recently the Oscar winning actor and director named one: The Icelandic drama Rams. Photo/

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter the Oscar winning director and actor Woody Allen declares he is a fan of the Icelandic movie Rams. Asked about recent films the American cinema legend has seen and liked, the only title he names is the Icelandic movie: “I saw a picture called Rams, which I liked, an Icelandic film. But I don't see many American films.“

The movie, which is called Hrútar in Icelandic is directed by Grímur Hákonarson. It has been screened at numerous film festivals around the world, where it has been awarded a number of prestigious awards. It has also won favour with regular movie goers, receiving a score of 96 on the popular movie review site Rotten Tomatoes. The "critics consensus" on Rotten Tomatoes is that "Rams transcends its remote location -- and somewhat esoteric storyline -- by using the easily relatable dynamic between two stubborn brothers to speak universal truths."

The movie tells the story of two elderly brothers who live in a remote valley in North Iceland. The brothers haven’t spoken to each other in forty years but are forced to join forces in order to save their beloved sheep and their prize-winning rams.

According to Grímur he based the film on his own personal experiences in the Icelandic countryside and the farmers and other rural people he has gotten to know over the years.

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