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Winter, summer likely “freeze together”: A Groundhogday-esque tradition predicts summer weather

By Staff

  • A great summer could be in the cards According to Icelandic folklore you can expect good summer weather if winter and summer "freeze together". Photo/Daníel Rúnarsson

The Icelandic Met office is predicting that the weather on the First Day of Summer, which is tomorrow, will be cold but mild. The temperature will be between 1 and 8°C during the day. The highest temperatures will be in South Iceland. It will be cloudy and breezy in all parts of Iceland, some showers and sleet can be expected in the morning, but these will mostly have ceased by noon.

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Although travellers might primarily be most interested in the weather forecast for the day, Icelanders are perhaps more interested in a minor detail: Whether it will be below freezing in the morning. According to Icelandic folklore freezing temperatures in the morning of the first day of summer mean winter and summer have “frozen together”, which in turn predicts a good summer.

The Icelandic met office is forecasting freezing temperatures in most parts of the country tomorrow morning. If this forecast is accurate, and if we can trust the folklore, this summer is looking pretty good!


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