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Will all foreign travellers to be forced to attend a course on how to behave in Iceland?

By Staff

  • Þingeyri village in the Westfjords The "wise-men group of Þingeyri swimming pool" suggests all foreign travellers be forced to attend a course on Icelandic history and how to behave in Iceland. Photo/Pjetur.

Foreign visitors should be forced to pay „at least“ 10,000 ISK (80 USD/70 EUR) entrance fee to the „art gallery of Icelandic nature“ as well as attend a two-three hour long course on Icelandic history and how to behave in Iceland before they are allowed to enter the country.

A secret cabal of wise men?
These ideas have been advanced by a group of unnamed Westfjord residents. The local Westfjord news site Bæjarins Bezta describes the ideas as coming from a "secret group." The group warns that "there are huge risks involved in admitting millions of foreigners into the country," adding that these throngs of foreign visitors must be "steered with a strong hand" if things are not to get out of hand.

According to the sources of the local newspaper Morgunblaðið the core of the group behind these ideas, which seem to be tongue in cheek, is the "wise-men group of the Þingeyri village swimming pool".

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Mandatory courses or common sense and respect? 
We at Iceland Magazine certainly respect wise men, and we encourage everyone to visit the great public geothermal swimming pools around Iceland – they are after all one of the best places to meet locals. We also agree it is important all travellers learn how to treat Icelandic nature with respect and don‘t damage delicate flora or natural formations. However, we are somewhat hesitant to endorse these ideas. A mandatory two-three hour course might not be the most efficient way to achieve this: Common sense should be enough. Travellers only need to keep this one simple question in mind: Are you here to enjoy the magnificent beauty of nature or ensuring others can‘t?

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