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Weather warning for South and West Iceland: Strong gale expected on Saturday

By Staff

  • At noon Saturday The purple code shows were the wind is expected to be 13 to 25 m/s (29-56 mph).  Image via The Icelandic Met Office.

The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) has issued a warning. Strong gale is expected or more than 20 m/s (medial wind more than 45 mph/72 km/h) in South and West Iceland and in the highlands on Saturday.

The wind speed can become much stronger in bursts close to mountains in those areas, so slow down and drive carefully.

IMO's weekend forecast
Saturday: Becoming east and southeast 15-23 m/s (33-55 mph/54-83 km/h)  with sleet and later rain, first in the southwest, but sleet or snow in the north until afternoon. East 13-20 m/s (29-45 mph/47-72 km/h) in the north after noon with snow or sleet but slowly decreasing wind in the south. Southeast and east 13-20 m/s tomorrow evening and rain. Temperature 0-7 degrees C (32-45 F).

Sunday: South and southwest wind, widely 8 to 15 m/s (18-34 mph/29-54 km/h) and rain or showers, but becoming fair in the northeast and east parts. Temperature mostly 3 to 8 degrees C (37-46 F).

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