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Watch: "Viking war chant" catches on. France celebrate win with "war cry" made famous by Iceland

By Staff

  • The "Viking team" The Iceland team made the "Viking war chant" famous during the Euro 2016. Other teams have now celebrated by doing the chant. Photo/Vilhelm 

France led its supporters into a “Viking war chant” after yesterday’s victory against Germany in the Euro 2016. Icelandic fans made the chant world-famous during the tournament, prompting international media to dub it either “the Viking war chant” or “the Viking war cry”.

British website The Mirror published a video of the players and French supporters pulling off the chant, claiming that the team had stolen it from Iceland – however, the truth is, the chant originates from Scotland; from the Scottish Premiership side Motherwell, to be more exact. 

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France is not the first team to try the “war chant” at the 2016 Euro. Wales players and fans adopted the celebration following their win over Belgium in the quarter finals.

Iceland fans were thrilled to see the France squad and their supporters burst into a “war chant” after Wednesday’s match, when France beat Word Champions Germany 2-0. France is set to take on Portugal in the final of the Euro 2016 this weekend. 

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