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Watch staff of US Embassy in Reykjavík taste traditional Þorrablót delicacies

By Staff

  • Tasting the Fermented Shark US Embassy staff getting training in how to withstand Icelandic chemical warfare. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

According to the old Icelandic calendar the month of Þorri began on first full moon after the winter solstice. The first day of Þorri was also celebrated as Husband's day, which marked the middle of winter in this calendar

This year Þorri began on the 20th of January, while the last day of Þorri was then on February 18, a day called "Þorraþræll", which was sometimes dedicated to unmarried men, widowers or divorced men. Traditionally Midwinter's feasts, Þorrablót are held during the month of Þorri. 

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To celebrate this old Icelandic tradition the staff of the US Embassy in Iceland sat down to taste some of the traditional delicacies of Þorrablót feasts, "a great selection of sour and non-sour food and of course the shark came last :)"

The embassy shared a video of the event and the staff's reaction to traditional Icelandic peasant foods on their Facebook page.

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