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Watch President of Iceland take a jab at Putin: We don't have an army, but we're better at soccer!

By Staff

  • Two very dissimilar presidents Guðni and Putin preside over very dissimilar countries, but both have found their way into the news for what some feel is presidential overreach. Putin's government has been criticized for jailing dissidents and political rivals, while Guðni has proposed banning pinapples as pizza toppings. Photo/AFP.

The President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson is currently participating in the Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk on the Arctic coast of Russia, where he has met with other world leaders to discuss issues facing the Arctic, including global climate change.

Guðni: "Iceland is also very cool"
At a joint forum with Putin and Sauli Niinisto, the President of Finland, the Finnish president made an appeal for the countries in the Arctic to remain calm and cool, thus providing an ideal atmosphere for solving common problems. When Guðni was asked for a comment by the moderator, Putin jumped in, but Guðni added that "Iceland is also very cool"

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Guðni then remarked that it was difficult to seat two presidents of countries more dissimilar in size and power next to one another, Putin and himself: Putin, presiding over the greatest landmass on Earth, while he was the president of a small island in the middle of the ocean which even lacked a military. "We have a better soccer team, though" Guðni added, to laughter in the audience. 

Putin responded by asking whether Iceland wanted military assistance.


Guðni could use the same joke on US President Donald Trump: Iceland is currently ranked no 23 in the FIFA world rankings, while the US is ranked no 30. The Russian national men's football team is all the way down at no 60. 

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