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Watch: Fantastic drone video of a humpback whale jumping close to a whale-watching boat

By Staff

  • Is it a bird? As you can imagine an adult humpback whale that can be up 16 metres (52 ft) long and weighing 36 tons can make quite a splash. This is a screenshot from the fantastic video below.

In the last few months we have seen many magnificent drone videos from Iceland. This one of a jumping humpback whale goes straight into that category.

It was whale-watching company Ambassador Whale Watching that recruited production company Arctic Bird Eye to do a drone video from Akureyri town in North Iceland.

And boy they did luck out, capturing this fantastic footage of the whale putting on a show in front of Ambassador's vessel. Keep in mind that an adult humpback whale is 12 to 16 metres (39–52 ft) long and weighs around 36 tons (79,000 lb).

Seeing so many whales in one tour does however not have any thing to do with luck. According to operators of whale-watching boats in Akureyri this year has been unusually good in Eyjafjörður fjord. A likely explanation is that there is  is more feed for the whales in the fjord than usual. In addition to more whales than usual, there are more seabirds. 

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According to Magnús Guðjónsson Ambassador's manager, at least two and as many as twelve humpback whales have been spotted in each trip since May.

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