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Watch Conor McGregor eat the Icelandic delicacy charred sheepshead for breakfast

By Staff

  • The breakfast of champions Charred sheeps' heads are perhaps not what you think of when you hear breakfast, but this is what Conor McGregor ate for breakfast in Iceland before becoming a world famous MMA champion. Photo/Wikimedia under creative commons license.

The MMA champion Conor McGregor recently shocked his fans by announcing he has quit the sport. According to the local news site and posts on the twitter account of Haraldur Dan Nelson, the father of Icelandic MMA champion Gunnar Nelson, Conor McGregor is currently in Iceland, enjoying the good life. Conor has been seen dining at the restaurant Vegamót.

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But three years ago Conor was also in Iceland, training with at the Mjölnir gym. Apparently a part of the training regime was a breakfast made up of charred sheep’s heads. As the video below shows, the MMA champion had his doubts about this Icelandic delicacy.

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