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Watch an amazing 360°video of the Aurora over Iceland

By Staff

  • Aurora over Þingvellir The Aurora season is coming to an end, but this winter has seen several really spectacular displays. Photo/Maksym Gryshchenko

Now as spring is beginning in Iceland, and the day gets longer and we are left with fewer hours of night, the Aurora season is slowly coming to an end. We still have a few weeks before it becomes virtually impossible to spot the Northern Lights, but unfortunately the forecast is predicting low Aurora activity and heavy cloud cover for the next several days. Aurora hunters will most likely have to wait until next winter to catch nature's greatest show.

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In the meantime we can marvel at this spectacular 360° video, shot by Aurora Reykjavík!

Use your mouse to look directly up into the sky and spin around to see how the Northern lights dance across the sky. Enter full-screen and enjoy the show!

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