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Watch a trailer with some of the footage and behind the scenes shot in Iceland for Fast 8

By Staff

  • On location Fast 8 was shot in two locations in Iceland: The harbour area of Akranes town in West Iceland, and on the frozen lake Mývatn in North Iceland. Photo/

Last winter a movie crew working on the latest installment in the popular Fast and Furious series was filming scenes in Iceland. The crew worked at two locations, by lake Mývatn in North Iceland, where they filmed car chases along the frozen lake, and in the fishing town of Akranes, in west Iceland.

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The filming of Fast 8 was one of the largest movie projects ever shot in Iceland. In addition to the film crews a small fleet of fast cars and various other vehicles was brought to Iceland. The movie, which will be released next year, is still in production. However, a new short trailer featuring footage from location and behind the scenes shots at lake Mývatn gives a small glimpse of what Iceland will look like in the movie.

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