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Wandering sheep annoy Eastfjords residents

By Staff

  • Sheep Icelandic sheep spend the winter indoors at farms. The summer is spent roaming free in the mountains, where these original mountaineers of Iceland, are able to conquer almost any obstacle. Óskar P. Friðriksson

The inhabitants of towns and villages in the Eastfjords have spent the summer herding sheep out of their yards and flowerbeds. The sheep, who are supposed to spend the summer in the great outdoors, up in the mountains and on heaths, seem to have decided that there were greener pastures to be found in urban areas. The sheep have created significant damages to both public parks and people's gardens.

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Some of the problem stems from urban farming. Many residents in small towns and villages own sheep which they let loose in the spring. These sheep don't venture too far from town. The larger problem, however, has to do with sheep who have simply opted for spending the summer in grassy hillsides close to human settlements, making repeated trips into towns where they then trample flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, feeding in people's yards and public parks. 

"We are reviewing the issue," the mayor of Fjarðarbyggð municipality told the local news site Vísir. "In some places we simply have to improve the fences," he said, but added that this might not be enough, as the sheep are notoriously good at finding weak spots or ways to circumvent fences,

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