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Walking on water: Blue Lagoon Vol.3 Worldwide release party

  • The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Pool is popular among tourist and locals alike. DJ Margeir will be hosting a party in the Lagoon on June 21st. Photo/Blue Lagoon

Icelandic DJ Margeir has released two albums inspired by the Blue Lagoon, one of which received a Gold Album. This summer he’ll release his third album, this time worldwide.

Blue Lagoon Soundtrack 3 is, similar to the first two albums in the sense that the music that DJ Margeir comes from many different directions but is all representative of the energy and atmosphere of the Blue Lagoon. DJ Margeir has been a regular visitor to the Blue Lagoon from before it was a popular tourist destination, back when it was rugged and raw.

A massive release party will be thrown at the Blue Lagoon on June 21st, the longest day of the year. A number of artists will be joining DJ Margeir and the stage will reach into the Lagoon, giving the audience the sense that the artists are walking on water.

Tickets to the event can be bought at, with or without a bus to and from the concert.  

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