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Walking path to Gullfoss waterfall closed due to ice and dangerous conditions

By Staff

  • Unsafe conditions The walking path to the lower area at Gullfoss Waterfall has been closed to ensure safety of visitors. Photo/Per Ekström

Due to unsafe conditions on the walking path leading to the lower viewing area at Gullfoss waterfall the path has been closed to all traffic.  

Walking path at Gullfoss closed
visitors at the gate The lower path has been closed. Photo/Icelandic Environment Agency

A new sturdy gate has been installed at the path instead of the smaller fence which has been used in previous years. In recent years visitors have routinely ignored signs informing them the path is closed, climbing over fences and gates to enter the closed area. Authorities and local guides have repeatedly warned that it was only a question of time before a serious accident takes place at Gullfoss.

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The Environment Agency closed the lower path to Gullfoss on November 4 due to frost and slippery conditions on the path. The agency says it will open the path again when it has thawed and deemed safe.

All other paths by Gullfoss are open. However, winter has arrived and guests are urged to show extra caution and use crampons.  

Closed walking path Gullfoss
The older gate Visitors simply climbed over the chains and ignored warning signs. Photo/Bakland Ferðaþjónustunnar/Facebook - Magnús Kristjánsson


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