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The Wachowski siblings are filming their television show Sense8 in and around Reykjavík

By Matt Eliason

  • Filming in Iceland A new series featuring stars Naveen Andrews and Daryl Hannah is currently being filmed around Akranes and Reykjavik. Photo/Pjetur

Filming for the series "Sense8" is ongoing in Iceland this week. The series was the created by sci-fi writers the Wachowski siblings, who are best known for their work with the Matrix trilogy, Cloud Atlas and V for Vendetta.

Among cast members are American actress Daryl Hannah famous for Splash, Blade Runner and Kill Bill and London born Naveen Andrews who was in a leading role in TV series Lost and a supporting actor in The English Patient.

The production shot scenes in the town of Akranes, located just a short distance from the capital of Reykjavík. The crew took over a nursing home for the scenes. 

Next, the production moved to Reykjavík for scenes at respected old hotel Hótel Saga as well as some quiet side streets. The filming also plans to shoot the iconic sights of Reykjavík including Perlan, or the Pearl and the famous Hallgrímskirkja church.

Filming for the series will also take place in the United States, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Mexico and Kenya.

Sense8 is being produced by Netflix and it is scheduled to be published in 2015.

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