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Volunteers needed for a beach clean-up in the magical Hornstrandir nature preserve

By Staff

  • Cleaning up Among the driftwood which covers the beaches of the abandoned fjords of Hornstrandir lie pieces of plastic and other trash. Photo from last year's clean-up/Gauti Geirsson 

On May 25-26 volunteers will head to the Hornstrandir nature preserve to clean up one of the beautiful abandoned fjords of Iceland's most remote region. The clean-up is both an great opportunity to give back to nature by helping keep pristine a pristine wilderness clean, and an amazing opportunity to get to know this magical landscape intimately.

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According to the local news site Bæjarins besta participants in the clean-up leave from the town of Ísafjörður on May 25 at 14:00 in the afternoon. The team is taken by boat to Hrafnfjörður fjord in the Jökulfirðir region in Hornstrandir. From there the group will hike over Bolungavíkurheiði heath to Bolungavík fjord, where the group will spend the night in a cabin and tents. The hike is described as "challenging", as there is still snow on the heath.

The following morning the group will then clean the beach in Bolungavík, and potentially nearby Barðsvík. A coast guard wessel Þór will pick up the trash late afternoon, and The volunteers will then end the day with a grill-party on-board the ship as it sails back to Ísafjörður.

You too can join!
The organizers of the clean-up provide all further information, as well as reviewing applications to participate. Anyone interested in participating should send an email to:

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