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Visitors at Seljalandsfoss waterfall complain over parking fee: "World's most expensive parking"

By Staff

  • The controversial parking meter The local municipality has justified the parking fees by saying it can't otherwise afford to maintain the site. Photo/Jóhannes K. Kristinsson.

Earlier this summer landowners and the local municipal authority introduced parking fees at Seljalandsfoss waterfall, one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Iceland. The fees were intended to pay for the maintenance of the facilities at the site, including walking paths and the public lavatories. The fees have caused some frustration and friction. Some minor accidents have been caused by cars being parked on the side of the road by visitors who are trying to avoid paying the fee.

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The local newspaper Morgunblaðið recently made a visit to the waterfall to interview visitors and ask them about their opinions about the 700 ISK (6.6 USD/5.6 EUR) parking fee. Almost all of the foreign traveller interviewed by the paper expressed opposition or frustration over the fee, saying it was too high. One visitor, an English woman who was travelling with her family in Iceland, said it was the "most expensive" parking spot in the world.

Should parking be free? 
Some of those who were interviewed by Morgunblaðið said they felt it was reasonable to charge 250-400 ISK (2.4 USD/2 EUR - 3.8 USD/3.2 EUR) for parking, while others expressed the opinion that parking should simply be free. The mayor of the municipality of Rangárþing, where the waterfall is located, told Morgunblaðið that there were no plans to revise the price of parking, which he said had been set to cover the cost of both the maintenance of the parking lot and the public lavatories. 

Police officers who were patrolling the area told Morgunblaðið that several smaller accidents have been caused by people parking their cars in the side of the road to avoid the parking fee. 

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