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Videos, photos: Waterfalls in Iceland are sometimes in no mood for gravity

By Staff

  • No, not today This waterfall refused to flow downhill. You can see the photo full frame below. Photo/Þorsteinn Másson

Waterfalls in Iceland regularily defy gravity for fun.


Not touching the water below Photo by Þorsteinn Másson

This photo was captured by Þorsteinn Másson and shows a waterfall in Súðavíkurhlíð mountain running upside down on a windy February day a couple of years ago. Rjúkandi is notorious for its stubborn refusal to obey the law of gravity on windy days.

If you are travelling alongside mountain range Eyjafjöll in South Iceland on a windy day you will most likely witness the waterfall Rjúkandi behave the same way. Below is a great video showing the waterfall in such anti-gravity mode. It was captured last autumn on a fiercely windy day, just as is expected in the area today. 

Eyjafjöll mountain range, in the foothills of Eyjafjallajökull glacier (the very same glacier which erupted in 2010, shutting down air traffic over the North Atlantic) is one of the windiest areas in Iceland. It certainly is one of the windiest areas on the Ring Road. The Ring Road along the Eyjafjöll mountain range and the glacial outwash plains and black sand beaches of Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers, from Skógafoss waterfall in the west to the village Vík in the east is frequently closed to all traffic during violent storms. The windspeeds in storms in the area can easily reach hurricane force, with localized winds becoming powerful enough to blow cars off the road or blow out car windows. 

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A friend of Iceland Magazine, Svavar Halldórsson, shot the following video of Rjúkandi on Saturday. 


Rjúkandi waterfall is located close to the Ring Road, Route One.

Here's a second great video of this stubborn waterfall disobeying the fundamental forces of the universe:


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