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Videoblogger lists the 13 things she loves, and just 10 things she hates about living in Iceland

By Staff

  • Things to love and hate The black ice is at the top of the list of stuff to hate about Iceland. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

Tabitha Laker is a Ugandan-English videoblogger who recently moved to Iceland. After five months in Iceland she created two videos about what she had learned so far, what she loves and what she hates.

Tabitha limited her list of things she loves about Iceland to 13. At the top of the list is the landscape and natural beauty, closely followed by geothermal water.

When it came time for her a list of things she hated about Iceland Tabitha had a little bit more trouble finding things to hate. At the top of her list of things she doesn't love is the black ice. Which is very understandable, there are probably very few people who appreciate black ice on sidewalks and roads!

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