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Video: Video captures the calm and cold serenity of Iceland in autumn

By Staff

  • Desolate beauty Despite growing numbers of tourists in recent years, the feeling of being alone in an abandoned landscape is never more than a few short steps away. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

During the summer Iceland is vibrant with colour as the delicate vegetation comes to life. The fall and winter months are different. The colour of the sky and all of nature, change, plants turns yellow, brown and gray, waiting for next spring and tones of gray dominate the skies. One is constantly reminded of the unforgiving hostility of the elements here at the edge of the inhabitable world in the middle of the North Atlantic. Yet, this too has its beauty and appeal as this video captures.

We don't know much about either the video or its maker, but we liked it too much not to share it with our readers. Appropriately called, The Soul of Iceland, we love how it captures a certain essence of Iceland in the fall.

The Soul of Iceland from assmovie on Vimeo.

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