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Video: Travellers who treat Icelandic roads as parking lots pose risk to other motorists

By Staff

  • Blocking the road Travellers on rental cars as well as tour operators need to remember that roads and parking lots are two different things. Photo/Ísak Guðjónsson, Facebook.

The growing numbers of foreign travellers have led to growing traffic along Icelandic roads. And with growing traffic the danger of collisions and accidents increases. A local tour gouide, Unnar Már Sigurbjörnsson, fears that many foreign travellers seem determined to do their best to maximize this effect by driving irresponsibly.

Problems along the Golden Circle
Unnar created a video compilation of what he argues is reckless and dangerous behavior by foreign travellers along the popular "Golden Circle" in south Iceland. The video shows numerous examples of travellers parking their cars in the middle of the road, even in the middle of intersections, thus causing enormous danger ot other motorists.

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Unnar posted the video to Facebook where it has been shared nearly 800 times in total, generating a heated discussion about safety on Icelandic roads. Many have used the opportunity to share photos and stories about outrageous behavior. A common theme is that foreign travellers feel they can park their rental cars wherever they please when they see something worth a photo: Horses in a fence, sheep or just a mountain on the horizon.

Others pointed out it was not just travellers on rental cars: Local tour guides are responsible for some of the worst offences.

Don't park in the middle of the road!
It should go without saying that motorists are only allowed to leave their car parked in the middle of the road in the case of an emergency: A beautiful photo opportunity does not qualify as an emergency! We at Iceland Magazine therefore decided to help Unnar create an English language version of the video.

Unnar explained that the scenes in the video are just a handful of the hundreds of similar cases he has witnessed. A few days ago he felt he had do do something and decided to create and share the video to generate a discussion among both travellers and those in the tourism industry:

"People need to realize that nothing they see on their travel in Iceland is so beautiful that it could justify jeopardizing your life, the life of your traveling companions or even strangers."

We couldn't agree more: Please drive safe!

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