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Video of traffic-jam at Reynisfjara black sand beach shows visitor numbers exceed parking lot capacity

By Staff

  • Reynisfjara beach The black sand of Reynisfjara draws thousands of visitors every week. Photo/Friðrik Þór

A video shot by a local tour guide showing a traffic jam on the road leading to Reynisfjara black sand beach from the Ring Road has been making the rounds among people working in the Icelandic tourism industry. Ragnar Indriðason, who shot the video, told the local news site Vísir that it captured perfectly the situation at Reynisfjara.

"There has been an explosion this summer. The traffic has been growing in recent years, but it really is blowing up in our faces right now. I counted 127 cars and 11 tour buses parked at the beach. At the same time!"

Ragnar said that the busiest time at Reynisfjara is between two and five in the afternoon. Icelanders, who visit the beach, are flabbergasted at the crowds.

Others in the nearby village Vík who spoke with Vísir tell a similar story, saying the once sleepy village has been transformed by tourism. "Vík is no longer our small villages. Those days have passed," a local woman told Vísir, saying local residents were outnumbered many times over by foreign visitors and travellers as well as tour guides and workers for local tourism companies.


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