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Video of swan attacking a sheep proves these beautiful birds can be extremely aggressive

By Staff

  • The Swan preparing for attack The ewe seems to have wandered too close to the swan's nesting grounds. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below. 

A viral drone video of a swan attacking and chasing a sheep reminds us that one should not disturb these large beautiful birds! The video, which was shot by a local couple in Álftafjörður fjord in the Westfjords, and then shared to Facebook, shows a swan chasing and attacking an ewe and her lamb. The sheep managed to escape the brutal attack, but they probably learned their lesson too.

During the nesting season swans can become very protective of their nesting areas, attacking any animals, including humans, who they percieve as a threat. 

The site of the swan-sheep showdown is also highly appropriate: Álftafjörður translates as "Swan-fjord".

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