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Video: Last night Aurora hunters were treated to a bright shooting star

By Staff

  • Falling star As it fell to the earth and burned up in the atmosphere the meteorite was the brightest object in the night sky. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Northern Lights hunters got an unexpected bonus show yesterday evening when a bright meteorite lit up the evening sky. As the meteorite streaked across the sky it was brighter than Venus, before breaking apart and disappearing. Astronomers believe the asteroid was not much larger than a golf ball. 

Meteorite sightings are rather rare in Iceland. The weather is to blame, as overcast skies and clouds make it difficult to catch a glimpse of falling stars. Yesterday's sighting is therefore all the more interesting.

Shortly after ten a local man, Leifur Fannar Snorrason, caught the falling star on film as it barreled across the sky. 

Did you see the meteorite or catch it on film?
If you caught the meteorite yesterday evening the Icelandic star-gazing society would like your help in charting the path the meteorite took. Sævar Helgi Bragason, who edits the local astronomy website Stjörnufræðivefurinn, has appealed to everyone who caught photos or videos of the meteorite to contact him and share the photos and videos. Please send your tips to

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