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Video: Kayakers brave raging glacial river waterfall Aldeyjarfoss

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  • Aldeyjarfoss Skjálfandafljót is a glacial river. It is around 180 km (110 miles) long and Iceland's fouth longest river. Photo/Steinar Kaldal.

Two American daredevils paddled down Aldeyjarfoss waterfall in North Iceland in kayaks on Friday. The waterfall is twenty meters tall (65 feet). Photographers from American tech company GoPro filmed their exploits.

The two men, who are brothers, made it down in one piece. They work for the energy drink maker Red Bull and sportswear giant Adidas, according to a report by local news site

The stunt was filmed using a number of drones and cameras. An eyewitness captured the moment one of the kayakers fell down the waterfall on his camera phone.

Báðir á lífi Betri myndir á leiðinni

Posted by Benedikt Hálfdanarson on Friday, 14 July 2017


First recorded attempt almost ended in disaster
Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is in Skjálfandafljót glacial river. The water cascades down into a pool below with extremely strong currents.

According to, the first attempt to take a kayak down Aldeyjarfoss happened 25 years ago and it almost ended in disaster.

This is not the first Red Bull team to paddle down Aldeyjarfoss. In 2015, another team successfully drop down the waterfall. According to Red Bull's Youtube site, Aldeyjarfoss held the Guinness World record for the highest free-fall in a kayak for a few years.

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