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Video: Icelandic Lego prodigy rebuilds his model of the Titanic at German Lego exhibition

By Staff

  • The model and the Lego master Brynjar Karl by his giant Lego Titanic. Photo/Valli

Brynjar Karl Birgisson, an autistic 14 year old Lego prodigy, has been travelling the world with his giant Lego model of the Titanic. The model, which has been at exhibition around Europe was at display in Hamburg in Germany on March 18-19.

But transporting a 6.5 m (21 ft) long Lego model made from more than 50,000 bricks is tricky! After the model arrived in Hamburg it was discovered that it had been badly damaged during the transportation. Brynjar therefore had to repair as well as reassemble the model before it could be put on display.

The video below shows some highlights from the exhibition, as well as the work which went into repairing the model. Brynjar's mother, who has accompanied him to the many exhibitions and documented the adventures of the Lego master and his Titanic, made the video: 

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