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Video: Icelandic football team's "Viking war cry" in Chevrolet ad

By Staff

  • Strongman with a drum A common sight in Iceland: A strongman in a kilt, taking a stroll along the beach while banging his drum. Photo/screenshot from video. See below.

The popular "HUH" clap, which was made famous by the Icelandic national football team during the EURO 2016 this summer continues to inspire. This time it is featured in a short video which is either a long ad for the US company Chevrolet, or a very short documentary funded by the US automaker: Local media in Iceland do not agree on this point. claims the video is not an advertisement, but a documentary, while other news media all describe it as an ad. Such taxonomical questions aside, the video is certainly interesting.

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We at Iceland Magazine are particularly intrigued by the artful juxtaposition of the powerful patriotism and the curious "muscleman in a kilt banging a drum on the beach" theme:

The Iceland team won the hearts of football fans with their dark horse come from behind success at the Euro 2016. The team's fans also made headlines with their enthusiastic support for the team. Instead of drunken brawling and hooliganism, which has all too often become associated with football fans, the Icelandic fans got together in the team-building clap, with its infectious "huh". 

The clap was quickly named the “Viking war cry” by the international media, although there are no sources indicating the clap originated with the original Vikings, who settled Iceland.

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