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Video: Friendly raven visits local woman at work

By Staff

  • A fairy tale friend The raven is apparently well known for his mischievous ways. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Local woman Ragnheiður Axel got an unusual visit last week when a curious raven paid her a visit. The raven knocked on door, and then proceeded to "chat" with the woman, finally hopping on top of her head before hopping and flying onto other adventures.

A new fairy tale friend
"It's a great way to start the day, to make new fairy-tale friends," Ragnheiður told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið. She said that she was at work when she heard someone rapping on the door. She went to the door to discover a raven standing on the pavement. "I went to the door and greeted him, the whole scenario was pretty weird, as he just wanted  to chat and pick at my shoes with his beak." 

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Raghneiður told Morgunblaðið that she is very good with animals, but that there was nothing in her experience which prepared her for an interaction with a raven. "I had never met a raven before, and I have never held a bird like this: All of a sudden he just flew up from the ground and sat down on my head."

A well known rascal
When she told others of the raven she was told that the same bird had been visiting nearby homes and businesses for some time. This intrigued Ragnheiður who began asking around. Her inquiries revealed that the raven lives in the nearby suburban municipality, where he is known for his friendliness and interest in humans. "Apparently he knocks on windows and doors of homes and businesses looking for people to play with." 

Locals say the raven is also known for teasing both people and dogs. One game he is particularly fond of is to knock on windows trying to get the attention of anyone on the inside, not letting up until he gets some sort of response from the people on the inside.


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