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Video: Exploring the best kept secret in the word of surfing off the frigid south coast of Iceland

By Staff

  • The beauty and energy of the North Atlantic The waves of the South Coast of Iceland can be both beautiful and mesmerizing. Photo/A screenshot from video, see below.

But the power and beauty of the waves and the North Atlantic can be mesmerizing and a source of adventure to those who can conquer and ride its raw power. A video posted to YouTube by Dutch surfer Dominga Valdez shows just how magical the ocean can be.

Valdez visited Iceland in January with a group of four surfer buddies from Germany and Belgium. The team surfed the waves by Þorlákshöfn, a small village in South Iceland. The group surfed the waves of Skötubótin beach, which the local news site, dedicate to news from the village of Þorlákshöfn, boasts is “one of the best kept secrets among surfers, worldwide.”

The waves off the south coast of Iceland have been in the news in the past few weeks. Travellers have repeatedly been in grave danger on Reynisfjara beach, where powerful waves have come crashing in, engulfing travellers who went too close to the surf. A tragic accident claimed the life of a 40 year old Chinese man last week, when he was pulled to the sea when he was photographing the ocean and the black sands of Reynisfjara. Conditions on Reynisfjara beach and Skötubótin beach are, of course very different, but travellers should always remember the ocean can be as dangerous as it magnificent.


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