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Video: An ewe and lamb stuck in a sheer cliff near Jökulsárlón glacal lagoon

By Staff

  • The ewe and her lamb The two sheep spent at least two weeks on the narrow ledge, sleeping in a shallow cave in the cliffside. Photo/Skúli Gunnar Sigfússon.

Earlier this month a farmer in South-East Iceland discovered that two sheep had managed to climb into a completely inaccessible cave in a sheer mountain side near his farm. The sheep, an ewe and one lamb, appeared to have climbed down the cliffs onto a ledge where they got stuck. The sheep remained in the cliffs for two weeks, before finally climbing down on their own accord.

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Sheep stuck in cliffs
Four-legged free climbers The narrow ledge where the sheep spent the past two weeks. Photo/Skúli Gunnar Sigfússon

The owner of the sheep, Björn Þorbergsson, a sheep farmer at Gerði, a farmstead located east of Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið that sheep frequently climb into the cliffs in the mountains above the farm. "Usually they find their way back down, dead or alive. But luckily these made it alive," he noted.

A breathtaking video
Earlier this month Björn's neighbour, Skúli Gunnar Þorbergsson a farmer at Reynivellir, discovered the sheep stuck in the cliffs. Skúli shared an aerial video he shot of the sheep on social media, appealing to Search and Rescue units or others to assist the farmers in recovering the sheep from the cliffs. According to Björn they received only one offer, but that fortunately the sheep found their way down on their own.

The breathtaking video shows the amazing mountaineering feat the four-legged climbers exhibited, first when they got themselves into the pinch they remained stuck in for two weeks, and then when they managed to discover a path back to level ground.

Click on the video and choose HD for best effect: The scenery is beautiful! 

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