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Video: Buzzfeed feeds rotten shark and Brennivín to Americans, who feel disgusted

By Staff

  • Reactions to Brennivín and shark The panelists were surprisingly positive toward the Icelandic "delicacy" of rotten shark. Photo/Screenshots from video, see below

The American entertainment webzine Buzzfeed has released a video with the reactions of Americans to eating rotten shark, chased down with a nice gulp of Brennivín. The five panelists approach the assignment with admirable stoicism, while making remarks about the smell "It smells like dirty-ass socks" and "it smells like fishguts and bleach".

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The taste generated similar responses: "umm ok..." and "I can definitely see why people hate it".

"It's like if you opened up a thing of canned oysters, added ammonia, and then like boiled a steak in that, overnight, and tried to eat it." 

One of the panelists remarked that he admired the fortitude of Icelanders for eating shark, while another said she would like to visit Iceland to eat more of our rotten food. 

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Unsurprisingly the Brennivín went down better than the shark, although the panelists did agree it was "some strong liqour!"


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