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Video: Arctic fox spotted in parking lot of Reykjavík Costco

By Staff

  • The fox An unusual sighting. Photo/Sverrir Gauti Hilmarsson

Arctic foxes are an extremely unusual sight in urban areas, as these beautiful animals prefer the solitude of the mountains and heaths. A local man was therefore more than a little surprised when he spotted a fox running in the parking lot of the Reykjavík Costco. The fox probably came into town  from Heiðmörk heath to the east of the capital region.

The man, Sverrir Gauti Hilmarsson, managed to capture a photo of the fox on his cellphone. He told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service that he was driving along the street which seperates IKEA and Costco, when he spotted the fox running along the curb in the Costco parking lot:

"He was running along the curb, obviously terrified of the traffic. So, I drove back hoping to capture a photo of him, like most other people in the parking lot! He had probably come down from Heiðmörk."

A second Costco customer caught a video which shows the fox trying to find his way back home and out of the concrete jungle of the city, running along the grass between parking lots:

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