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Video: A herd of reindeer take over Bakkafjörður a small fishing town in East Iceland

By Staff

  • Passing through Bakkafjörður is a small fishing village with 80 inhabitants in North East Iceland. However, in addition to the permanent human population we should perhaps add a herd of reindeer which has been visiting the town recently. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

A video showing a herd of reindeer strolling through the town of Bakkafjörður in East Iceland has taken Icelandic social media by storm. A local woman, Járnbrá Ólafsdóttir, shot the video last weekend from her front yard, shows the herd taking a leisurely stroll down one of the town’s streets, before heading back up into the mountains.

Járnbrá told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reindeer have been coming into town regularly during the winter for three or four years now. “They are incredibly calm. We can drive right past them, and they just run a few meters and then stop.”

The reindeer add a certain charm to the town, and the kids love the visitors, Járnbrá added. “The kids think it’s wonderful to be able to look out their window, or their classroom, and see the animals.”

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Reindeer, which live in the mountains and highlands of East Iceland, have been known to come close to human settlements during the winter. The Reindeer have also been moving further north in recent years. Reindeer have been spotted as far north as the village of Þórshöfn on the Langanes peninsula.

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