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Video: A family-man fights neighbourhood's cats with a novel device

By Staff

  • On the run The Yard Enforcer in action fending off an unsuspecting cat. Sigurður edited the video from clips captured by his surveilance cameras. This is a screenshot from the video, see below.

A family man in Reykjavík who has been waging a private jihad against cats that enter his yard, has finally found a device that is keeping the four-legged fur balls at bay, at least for the time being.

The man, Sigurður Þór Helgason, published a video on his Facebook page (see below) showing how the battle was won with a gizmo called the Orbit Yard Enforcer.

The device is a motion-activated sprinkler with a passive infrared motion sensor that detects animals from up to 12 meters (40 feet) away and then sends a spray of water in that direction. The Enforcer works both night and day as it detects a combination of both heat and movement to activate the valve.

In an interview with Vísir Sigurður sounds like a man on a mission after having cats pissing on the cover of his grill, on his children’s toys and generally all over his yard. While thoroughly fed up Sigurður Þór at least stopped short of going all the way down the Michael Douglas Falling Down route, using only water to fend off his nemeses.

The big question is whether it’s too soon for Sigurður to declare victory. According to the producer of the Orbit Yard Enforcer certain animals are intelligent enough to recognize the pattern and range of the device and learn how to avoid the spray.

Cats are of course known to be pretty devious beasts when it comes to going their own way.

(Disclosure: we at Iceland Magazine are cat-lovers)


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Posted by Sigurður Þór Helgason on Tuesday, June 30, 2015


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