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Very few Icelanders view growing tourism negatively

By Staff

  • At Skógarfoss waterfall, South Iceland Despite growing numbers of foreign travellers who have flocked to Iceland in recent years Icelanders are overwhelmingly positive towards foreign tourists. Photo/GVA

A recently released poll shows that Icelanders are generally very positive towards growing numbers of foreign tourists.

Overwhelming majority views tourists positively
The poll, which was conducted by the polling firm MMR on June 22-30 found that 80% of respondents viewed foreign tourists in Iceland either somewhat or very positively, 6.3% were somewhat negative while only1.3% were very negative. 12.5% told pollsters they viewed tourists neither negatively nor positively.

Positive views of tourists had some correlation with income, as those with higher incomes tended to be more positive. 17.5% of those with a monthly family income below 250,000 ISK (1,900 USD/1,700 EUR) were either somewhat or very negative toward foreign tourists and only 62.3% were somewhat or very positive. At the same time only 6.2% of those with a family income over a million ISK (7,500 USD 6,800 EUR) were somewhat or very negative and 89.3% were positive.

People in Reykjavík particularly positive
People living in the capital region were more positive towards tourists than those outside the greater Reykjavík region. However, this difference was not particularly striking. 81.4% of people in the capital region were somewhat or very positive towards tourists compared to 77.8% in the rest of the country.

This poll is in line with previous polls which have shown Icelanders generally have a very positive view of foreign tourists. A poll conducted by The Icelandic Tourist Board this spring showed that only 2.3% of the residents in the capital region were either very or somewhat negative toward tourists.

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