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US travelers now make up 40% of all visitors to Iceland

By Staff

  • Four out of ten from the US Iceland continues to be a popular destination for American travelers. Photo/Ernir

The growth in the number of foreign travelers continues to level off, the latest figures from the Icelandic Tourism Board suggest. 233,874 foreign nationals visited Iceland in June, an increase of 5.4% over June 2017. The year-over-year increase in 2017 was 18.9% and 35.8% in June 2016. 

The figures show a significant decrease in the number of visitors from Scandinavia and Germany: 24.3% fewer Germans and 24.3% fewer Scandinavians visited Iceland in June 2018 than June 2017. The number of travelers from other Western European countries shows a smaller decrease, while visits from the Baltic States as well as Poland and India increases significantly.

The largest increase is in the number of visitors from the US. According to the Icelandic Tourism Board US nationals made up 39.7% of all foreign visitors last month. 92,879 Americans visitied in June, an increase of 29.1%.  

The number of foreign travelers is estimated by counting the number of foreign nationals who leave through Keflavík Airport, the main international airport in Iceland. 

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