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US preacher releases an angry documentary about sins, evils of Icelanders, "a nation of bastards"

By Staff

  • Filmmaker and preacher Steve Anderson preaches his version of the word of God from the pulpit and through YouTube videos. Photo/Screenshot from movie, see below

Last year a Arizona Baptist pastor Steven L. Anderson made headlines after a fire and brimstone sermon about the evils of Icelanders went viral. In the sermon Anderson railed against feminism and other "evils" of Icelandic society. Iceland is, according to the good pastor, a "feminist hell".

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Now Steven L. Anderson has returned to this topic, releasing a new hour long documentary about this subject. Like the original sermon the documentary is largely based on a CNN story about the high number of children born out of wedlock in Iceland, and the high number of Icelanders who cohabit, rather than marry (hence the "nation of bastards".) 

Anderson has also pieced together clips of Oprah Winfrey discussing single mothers in Scandinavia and a recent flawed coverage by CBS of the supposed to be "eradicating" Down syndrome. 

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In addition to railing against feminism and equality Anderson seems very upset with what he considers the "socialistic" economic policies pursued in Iceland and other Nordic countries. The lack of traditional Biblical "family values" and high levels of taxation, he argues, have created an evil and wicked society.

We at Iceland Magazine respect the preacher's religious believes, and do not doubt that he has a living relationship with his higher power. However, we do believe that his analysis of Icelandic society is flawed, to say the least.

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While it is correct that Iceland has made more headway toward gender equality than most other developed nations and has lower levels of inequality, thanks in no small part to government policy and successful social programs, the good pastor fails to recognize that all studies and measurements demonstrate that Icelandic society is happier, healthier and more prosperous than most other developed countries. Icelandic families are also stronger and happier, with better bonds between children and parents, than most other countries. Icelandic success in eliminating teenage drinking and substance abuse is being studied as a model in other countries. 

The full movie is available on YouTube

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