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US bound plane grounded in Keflavík due to drunk, quarreling couple

By Staff

  • Keflavík The two passengers had spent the trip from Paris to Keflavík arguing, and continued when their plane for Denver was about to take-off. Photo/Vísir

A US bound plane was grounded at Keflavík Airport after a fight broke out on board the plane. The plane was not cleared for take off until Police officers had escorted two passengers from the plane. The incidence took place last week. The nationality of the passengers, who were a couple flying from Paris, has not been made public.

Flight from Paris spent arguing
According to a statement from the Suðurnes Police District, which covers the Keflavík Airport, as well as the fishing villages and towns on Reykjanes peninsula, officers entered the plane, which had arrived from Paris on route to Denver. The plane was preparing for take-off when two passengers, a couple which had been quarreling loudly and behaving belligerently, started fighting. 

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The couple had been arguing and acting in an disorderly manner on the flight from Paris to Keflavík. The quick stop-over in Keflavík did not calm the two travellers down. The captain and crew of the place determined it was not safe to continue the flight to Denver, and requested the assistance of local police.

Spent the night at local police station
When officers arrived on board the plane to escort the people off, one of the two passengers, a woman, refused to obey or listen to the officers' instructions and "continued to make trouble and noise". According to the police statement the woman was very drunk, having consumed significant quantity of alcohol on the route from Paris. She was arrested and taken to a holding cell where "she got the opportunity to sleep off her intoxication."

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