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US and UK citizens made up 41% of travellers who passed through Keflavík airport in 2017

By Staff

  • At Þingvellir National Park The most interesting data point to emerge from the latest figures on the number of foreign travellers at Keflavík Airport is that there is no "off-season" any more in Iceland. Photo/Pjetur

2.2 million foreign travellers passed through Keflavík Airport in 2017, according to data from the Icelandic Tourism Board and Isavia, the airport management company. This is an increase of 24.2% over the previous year. A 36.3% increase in the number of US visitors accounts for 42.4% of the total increase.

US and UK citizens 41% of total
US and UK citizens continue to be the two largest groups of foreign travellers at Keflavík airport, making up 41% of the total. US citizens were the largest group. 576,403 US citizens came through Keflavík Airport in 2017 and 322,543 UK citizens. The third largest group came from Germany, 155,813 and the fourth largest from Canada, 103,026.

No "off-season" any more
The largest increase in 2017 came in the winter and sprig, rather than the summer and fall. Almost as many visitors came in the winter months as the summer months in 2017: 732,029 people came during the winter, compared to 777,889 in the summer. Winter visitors made up 33.3% and summer visitors made up 35.4% of the total last year. This is a significant departure from 2010 when winter visitors made up just 23% and summer visitors made up 49.5% of the total. 

The 24.2% increase in travellers in 2017 was significantly smaller than in 2016, when the number grew by 40.1% year-over-year. However, it is close to the average annual increase since the tourism boom began. In 2010-17 the number of foreign visitors increased on average by 25.2% year-over-year.


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