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US and Nordic embassies in Iceland, US airmen clean tons of trash from Reykjanes beach

By Staff

  • The group of volunteers The US Embassy, the Nordic Embassies and the US Air Force cleaned 5,500 pounds of plastic trash from a beach in SW Iceland. Photo/Blái herinn, Facebook.

Every summer various volunteer organizations organize beach-cleaning operations around Iceland. One of these took place on September 1 when a NGO called Blái Herinn ("The Blue Army") organized a clean-up of Sandvík bay, a beautiful rocky bay on the SW tip of Reykjanes peninsula. This clean-up operation was unusual in that the participants were from the foreign embassies in Reykjavík as well as the US Air Force.

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Sandvík beach clean-up

Hauling off the trash Huge quantities of trash from fishing vessels was cleaned from the beach. Photo/Blái herinn

Sixty airmen from the US Air Force as well as dozens of employees of the US and Nordic embassies in Reykjavík participated in the clean up. Volunteers from the various offices of environmental organizations and NGOs, Reykjavík City and Reykjanes Geopark participated in the clean-up operation which lasted three hours. The haul: 2.5 metric tons (5,500 pounds) of plastic trash of various kinds.

We at Iceland Magazine would like to thank these volunteers, and all others who have participated in clean-up efforts like this. But we would also like to remind everyone that if everyone picks up his own trash the need for massive clean-up operations like this drops: Don't leave trash behind, and pick up plastic trash that you might come across. Together we can keep Iceland, its beaches and mountains, clean! 

Sandvík beach clean-up

Sandvík beach clean-up After the clean-up only the driftwood and volcanic rocks and sand was left behind. Photo/Blái herinn


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