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The ultimate playlist for South Iceland, selected by local poet Bergþóra Snæbjörnsdóttir

By Sara McMahon

  • Bergþóra Snæbjörnsdóttir grew up on a farm in South Iceland. She has chosen ten tracks for the ultimate South Iceland playlist. Photo/Yvie

Bergþóra Snæbjörnsdóttir, a promising poet, grew up on a farm near Úlfljótsvatn lake, South Iceland. She kindly put together the ultimate playlist for South Iceland, which Icelanders call “Suðurlandið.”


1. Country House ­­– Blur
"The South has a huge but somewhat hidden population of landowners from Reykjavík. This song is for them.  Also, I grew up in the nineties."

2. Barbwire – Nora Dean
"Barbwire is another prominent feature of the South. Every self-respecting girl from the country needs to know how to handle it."

3. Jump in the line (shake señora) – Harry Belafonte
"Earthquake activity is high around these parts. And shaking is just what the señoras and señors in the South do when the big “South Iceland Quakes“ hit."

4. Rock Lobster – B52‘s
"A song for Eyrabakki, the cutest little village and home to the country’s best langoustine and largest prison."

5. ABC – Grísalappalísa
"This is my raising-awareness song. And I really like this band. The song is about the pressure to conform, which is soul-crushing in places like Selfoss and other smaller towns around the country. Bullying is nasty. I am no saint myself and have some questionable boots and a drinking problem to show for the poor choices I made in my desperate attempts to conform as a teenager."

6. Sigmundur – Vafasöm Síðmótun
"Sigmundur is our prime minister. He likes Mountain Dew and Prins Póló chocolate. He also claims to like the countryside. Sigmundur is also the topic of this song by one of my favourite bands."

7. Kiss Kiss Kiss – Yoko Ono ft. Peaches
"Was all I could think about as a pimply thirteen-year-old with braces, living on a farm in the nineties with some horses and my CD/cassette player."

8. Eisbär – Grauzone
"Polar bears are great. But there are none in the South. There are, however, a number of volcanoes. And volcanic glaciers. Like Eyjafjallajökull."

9. Hallogallo – Neu
"A ten-minute-long, krautrock masterpiece is perfect for driving through the Southern flatlands (Suðurlands undirlendið)."

10. Sveitin milli sanda – Ellý Vilhjálms
"Such a beautiful, unusual song. One of the first songs to really move me as a child. The title could be translated as something like “Land between Sands.“  It always reminds me of the South and its beautiful, black sands."



The ultimate playlist for South Iceland, put together by local poet Bergþóra Snæbjörnsdóttir by Icelandmag on Mixcloud


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