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UK low-budget airline easyJet set to become largest carrier between Keflavík and London

By Staff

  • EasyJet in Keflavík The UK budget airline will offer 26 weekly flights between London and Keflavík during the winter 2017-18. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson.

The UK based budget airline easyJet plans to add six weekly flights between Keflavík and London, thus surpassing Icelandair as the largest carrier on the key route. EasyJet plans to offer 26 weekly flights between Keflavík and London next winter, compared to Icelandair's 23 flights.

EasyJet has offered 20 weekly flights between Keflavík and Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London this winter. Icelandair has offered 23 flights, WOW air 14, British Airways 7 and Norwegian 3. None of these airlines have announced plans to increase the number of flights. With the addition of the new easyJet flights the total number of flights between Keflavík and London will be 73. In 2012 the number of flights was just 19.

UK-Iceland travel peaks in the winter
The winter months are traditionally the busiest for connections between Iceland and Britain. In recent years more British travellers have visited Iceland during the winter months than the summer. According to data compiled by the local news site Túristi British visits peak in February, during the winter break at UK schools.

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According to a spokesman for easyJet the company expects demand for travel to Iceland to continue to grow next winter, despite the drop in the value of the British Pound, and higher prices in Iceland, due to the appreciation of the value of the Icelandic Króna. The Pound has depreciated 23% compared to the Króna in the past 12 months, which means that it is now 23% more expensive for UK visitors to travel to Iceland.


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