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Two women injured in head-on collision with snowplow near Vík not in critical condition

By Staff

  • A serious accident The two women suffered several broken bones, but are not in critical condition. Photo/Haraldur Gíslason.

Two women in their 20s, both foreign travellers, who were injured in a serious traffic accident on the Ring Road west of the village of Vík on Thursday, underwent medical treatment at the National University Hospital in Reykjavík over the weekend. They are no longer in critical condition, but they suffered several broken bones. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined. 

Vík car accident

Vík car accident The car crashed head-on into a snowplow. Photo/Haraldur Gíslason

According to the local news site Vísir the women are believed to have lost control of their vehicle as they were driving along the Ring Road to the west of the village Vík in South Iceland. Their car was on the wrong side of the road when it crashed head-on into a snowplow which was coming from the opposite direction. 

Conditions at the scene were very difficult when the accident took place, the road was slippery and covered in thick wet snow making driving difficult. 

The accident caused serious traffic delays on the Ring Road as the road was closed for several hours. The women were airlifted to Reykjavík where they underwent medical treatment for their injuries. The driver of the snowplow was not injured in the crash. According to witnesses and first responders it is a miracle the women did not suffer even more serious injuries. 

Vík car accident

A traffic jam The road was closed due to the accident causing serius delays Photo/Haraldur Gíslason


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