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Two travellers injured in Central Highlands car crash, vehicle destroyed

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  • Accident on Kjalvegur Driving on the gravel roads in the Central Highlands can be challenging, especially for inexperienced drivers. Photo/Árnessýsla fire department.

Driving conditions of the gravel roads of the Central Highlands can be challenging, especially for inexperienced drivers. Two travellers were injured in a serious car crash in the Central Highlands yesterday morning. The two travellers were airlifted to the hospital by the Coast Guard. A third traveller escaped unharmed. The car was destroyed in the crash.

Kjalvegur road accident

The car was destroyed The car crashed into on a large boulder. Photo/Árnessýsla fire department

The accident took place on Kjalvegur road shortly after ten in the morning. The people were travelling with a larger group. The driver of the SUV lost control of the vehicle while driving on the gravel road, causing the car to crash into a large boulder on the side of the road. The two passengers managed to get out of the car, while the driver was pinned stuck.

The people called for assistance at 10:20. An hour later paramedics from the Árnessýsla county Fire Department had arrived at the scene with equipment to cut the driver out of the car. Members of ICE-SAR in South Iceland and a trained paramedic from the tour company Mountaineers of Iceland as well as the Coast Guard helicopter also arrived at the scene to help with the rescue operation.

Kjalvegur road accident

The first responders A large number of first responders were available and able to respond quickly. Photo/Árnessýsla fire department

The first responders managed to get the driver out of the car without the use of heavy equipment. The driver and one of the two passengers were then airlifted to the hospital by the Coast Guard. The third passenger continued with others in the group the car had been travelling with.

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We at Iceland Magazine want to urge visitors to make sure they get back home safe! Please drive safe, buckle up and remember that you must slow down while driving on gravel roads: Nobody wants to spend his dream vacation in Iceland at the emergency room! 

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